Circular innovation finds a new home: COIL transitions to Circular Innovation Council

The Canadian landscape for a circular economy takes a pivotal step forward with the exciting transition of Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad (COIL) to Circular Innovation Council. This strategic move signifies a renewed focus and increased efforts to help boost Canada’s journey towards a sustainable, resource-efficient future. 

COIL’s legacy in fostering collaboration and innovation within the circular economy space is undeniable.  Along with the Launchpad, we are also pleased to welcome Andrew Telfer, a respected Canadian leader in circular economy and sustainability.  Andrew’s knowledge and experience will undoubtedly strengthen our organization’s impact. 

Both Circular Innovation Council and COIL share a passionate commitment to accelerating the adoption of circular economy concepts across Canadian businesses, value chains and material streams.  This next step builds upon COIL’s established network and expertise, aiming to amplify its reach and effectiveness. 

Circular Innovation Council will serve as a strategic platform for connecting stakeholders, including organizations of all sizes, academics, NGOs, and policymakers.  Through collaborative efforts, we will address critical challenges and advance the development and implementation of circular solutions. Our focus remains firmly on: 

  • Putting circular concepts into action
  • Testing and demonstrating systems-change innovation
  • Scaling and replicating effective sustainable solutions


With the addition of COIL and Andrew, Circular Innovation Council is well-positioned to foster knowledge-sharing and ignite positive transformations across Canada. This evolution represents a significant step towards a circular future for Canada. By uniting key players, driving innovative ideas, and enabling policy change, we will continue to unlock the immense potential of the circular economy and build a more resilient and sustainable future for all. 

If interested in working with COIL to broaden and accelerate your circularity priorities, then please contact Andrew Telfer. 

About COIL

Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad (COIL) drives circularity through organizations, supply chains, and material streams with its targeted systems-change programming.  It supports collaboration, innovation and policy, which are key enablers for advancing the circular economy.   

Launched in April 2021 and originally led by Smart Cities Office of Guelph-Wellington, COIL’s trademark, leadership, and programming transferred to Circular Innovation Council in 2024.  Since its inception, COIL’s efforts to develop the circular economy have received widespread recognition across Canada. 





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