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Since our inception as Recycling Council of Ontario in 1978 and rebrand as Circular Innovation Council in 2020, we have shared a commitment with members to eliminate waste, and our focus on resource efficiency is steadfast and strong.

Through the long-standing support of members, we have made far reaching and meaningful impacts for more than forty years to reduce waste at a time when disposal was the only option.

By engaging membership, we look forward to your reinvigorated ideas, accomplishments, challenges, unique viewpoints, and innovations as we put circular economy concepts into action.



with government at all levels, environmental non-profits, environmental consultants, businesses, and more. Membership gives you the ability to identify like-minded organizations focused on solutions, discuss common concerns, including government policy initiatives and industry challenges.

Multi-Sectoral Perspectives

on current issues as Circular Innovation Council brings together representatives from entire value chains—governments, industry, SMEs, individuals, non-profits—to participate in unfettered and neutral settings that discuss important issues that affects everyone.

Reduced Rates

to attend forums, workshops, seminars, and special events hosted by Circular Innovation Council and other partners.

Access Information

on circular economy, waste reduction, and resource recovery issues disseminated by Circular Innovation Council to members. We are a clearinghouse for information from government, industry, and other stakeholders. Information is made available to our members on an ongoing basis, and our research and publications are available to members for free or reduced cost.

Stay Informed

through subscriptions to our exclusive daily highlights service that recaps circular news and events from around world; policy and industry updates; partner events; and Circular Innovation Council announcements.

Voting Privileges

at our Annual General Meeting and the opportunity to run for a seat on the Board of Directors are only available to members. Members can also participate on committees, such as Program Development and Events.


policy input because as a member of Circular Innovation Council your voice is heard in policy and strategy development. Members also have input into how Circular Innovation Council adapts its policies to a changing world and shifting government perspectives.



Circular Innovation Council Membership is open to citizens, circular economy practitioners, and public and private sectors organizations across Canada. Waste and carbon emission reductions, and advancing the circular economy, requires strength in unity. We encourage everyone to get involved.

Our members include schools, municipalities, retailers, manufacturers, recycling companies, brand owners and industry associations, libraries, families, individuals, and students.

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If you’re interested in a personal Circular Innovation Council Membership—email or call 416.657.2797.ext.203 to speak to our Membership Manager for more information.