Considerations for Developing a Circular Procurement Framework for Municipalities

Moving Toward a Circular Economy

In July 2016 the City of Toronto adopted a Long-Term Waste Strategy that includes several recommendations related to waste reduction and advancing the circular economy. RCO was invited to be part of the Stakeholder Advisory Group, and offered feedback and comment on its composition and priorities. A component of the strategy addresses the importance of procurement to fulfill waste reduction goals.

In November 2017 Councillor Michael Layton recommended the Director of Purchasing & Material Management, in consultation with Toronto Solid Waste Management and relevant stakeholders, including Recycling Council of Ontario, develop a strategy for city procurement (PDF) to drive waste diversion and the circular economy.

Acceleration through collaboration

Organizations and governments are committed to advancing the circular economy, and are doing so by fostering partnerships to support the transition. Recycling Council of Ontario and the City of Toronto have a longstanding relationship to support and promote waste reduction, and partnered to deliver workshops in March 2018 to build capacity and awareness on how to a develop circular procurement framework for municipalities. 

More than 45 representatives from local municipalities and agencies took part as we demonstrated how procurement links with the circular economy and waste reduction through engaging presentations and sector case studies, as well as other opportunities:

  • variety of workshop exercises on procurement
  • examination of roadmaps that integrate circular economy principles into procurement
  • evidence of benefits and learn how to quantify them in economic, social, and environmental terms
  • how resource efficiency and circularity can be delivered in practice

Considerations for Developing a Circular Procurement Framework for Municipalities

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