Government of Canada consultation papers to advance the plastics circular economy

Have your say by October 7, 2022

Today, the Government of Canada released two consultation papers to advance the plastics circular economy. The publication of both papers is followed by a public comment period ending October 7, 2022. Consultations through virtual engagement sessions will be held early fall. Circular Innovation Council encourages its members and stakeholders to get involved and have their say on both consultation papers.

Consultation Paper #1: A proposed federal plastics registry for producers of plastic products

The Government of Canada has committed to supporting provincial and territorial extended producer responsibility (EPR) efforts by establishing a federal plastics registry and requiring producers to report on plastics in the Canadian economy. A federal plastics registry will support adoption of EPR rules in Canada that are consistent, comprehensive and transparent. The registry will also support the implementation and monitoring of other measures that are part of the Government’s zero plastic waste agenda, including recycled content requirements for plastic products.

A plastic registry would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of EPR as it is practised in Canada and increase value recovery rates, keeping plastics in the economy and out of the environment. This would help achieve the goal of zero plastic waste, which could eliminate $500 million in costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.8 megatonnes, and create 42,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The purpose of this consultation paper is to seek stakeholder input as the Government develops this registry. Partners, stakeholders and interested members of the public are invited to provide comments.

The Government of Canada has committed to introducing labelling rules that prohibit the use of the chasing-arrows symbol on plastic products unless 80 per cent of Canada’s recycling facilities accept, and have reliable end markets for, these products. In addition, the Department is seeking to address inaccurate biodegradability, degradability, and compostability claims for plastic products. This consultation paper is the first opportunity for stakeholders to provide input on how this commitment could be met.
It outlines the Government’s current understanding of the issue and proposes potential approaches for establishing a labelling regime for recyclable and compostable plastics in Canada, focusing on plastic packaging and single-use items.
Stakeholders and interested Canadians are invited to provide their feedback on anything raised in this paper. Comments received will help the Government understand the key issues, design an effective instrument to put the labelling rules in place, and develop an appropriate implementation approach.

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