Circular Innovation Council, along with the Town of Westlock and Strathcona County, are launching a new institutional, commercial, and industrial (IC&I) food rescue and organic waste diversion pilot. Building on the success of its internationally recognized pilot project in Ontario’s Guelph-Wellington County, the pilot improves organic waste collection efficiency and affordability, while creating a circular solution for food waste that delivers social, environmental, and economic impact

The food waste diversion pilot offers:

  • Free collection of surplus food donations for distribution to community service agencies 
  • Subsidized food waste collection 
  • Free collection bins and compostable bin liners 
  • Guidelines and education materials for easy staff training
  • Free promotional and marketing materials highlighting your business’ environmental and social impact
  • Real-time data on the quantity of food waste diverted to compost

Partners in Food Waste Reduction

The pilot, created by Circular Innovation Council, is hosted by both the Town of Westlock and Strathcona County. Circular Innovation Council is partnering with local organizations AltRoot Composting, Leftovers Foundation, and grateful for the support of EcoSafe Zero Waste and Green for Life (GFL) Environmental to help realize the project. TELUS is also supporting the pilot with development of a platform to capture real-time organic waste data leveraging innovative sensor technology.

Surplus edible food will be collected from pilot participants by Leftovers Foundation and their network of dedicated volunteers to deliver to local community-serving agencies supporting those in need of food.

Organic waste from businesses and institutions in Westlock and Strathcona County is collected by GFL and delivered to AltRoot in Westlock, AB for processing into valuable compost. This compost is then applied to local farmers’ fields, providing valuable nutrients to improve soil health and supporting local regenerative farmers practices.