EVENT: Impact Alliance for Climate Program

Today’s Climate Requires Bigger, Broader, and Bolder Innovation

To achieve Canada’s climate targets, we must think beyond conventional solutions and embrace innovative approaches. Embodied carbon, the emissions associated with the products we make and use daily, accounts for a staggering 45% of our carbon emissions. It’s time for governments, businesses, and everyday Canadians to recognize this challenge and seize the significant opportunity it presents.

Graphic from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Pie Chart showing how of total current emissions, 55% is energy and 45% are products. This is further broken down into Food, Steel, Cement, Plastic, and Aluminum. There is expected emission reductions in 2050 following circular economy.

Innovation is a key enabler of the circular economy by catalyzing circular advancements in various industries, sectors, and supply chains. It stands as the central force in reshaping business practices, industries, and supply chains, and shifting them away from their existing linear frameworks towards more circular models. By harnessing Canada’s reservoir of applied research, knowledge, and fostering innovative business models, triple bottom-line benefits can be generated, supporting economic, social, and environmental goals.


Strategic Areas Critical to Enabling a Circular Economy. A circle with slices: Policy, Investment, Innovation, Collaboration, Education.

Impact Alliance for Climate Program

Desjardins. Impact Alliance for Climate.

On November 3rd, Desjardins and EY are launching the Impact Alliance for Climate, a series of monthly workshops on topics related to the environment and sustainability. This is a program opened to all entrepreneurs, at all stages, working on solutions towards a greener and more sustainable economy.

During the first session discover market trends, programs and green government incentives to support your business. EY experts will offer valuable tips and strategies on how to tailor your positioning to the current landscape to support your growth. 

November 3rd, 2023 ; 12pm – 1.30pm EDT
– In-person (EY Tower, downtown Toronto), details and free registration here: https://lu.ma/rxj8uezj
– Virtually, details and free registration here: https://lu.ma/5xwldrrg

For a full view on the program and all the sessions, https://lu.ma/djw92tvu





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