Circular Economy Education Program for Schools

Learning about the benefits of a circular economy through LEGO Replay

Circular Innovation Council has partnered with LEGO Group to launch the LEGO Replay for Schools program. This Spring, elementary school classrooms across Canada are challenged to use LEGO bricks or other materials to creatively illustrate their understanding of environmental protection, waste reduction, and circular economy. At the end of the challenge, students and schools who are finished with their LEGO bricks can donate them through LEGO Replay. Schools are encouraged to creatively post on social media and engage with their local communities. Participating schools could be showcased on and receive prizes to support school environmental initiatives!

About LEGO Replay

LEGO Replay provides a hands-on approach to educate students on fundamental concepts that underpin a circular economy where products are designed to be durable and last; and be shared between users to extend the life of the product, which reduces the need to make new. Since the launch of LEGO Replay in 2019 in the U.S. and 2020 in Canada, LEGO Replay has received more than 36,000 donations to the program, keeping over 235,000 kg of LEGO bricks in play so that over 100,000 more kids have meaningful playful experiences with those bricks.

How it works


Visit to register your school or classroom for the LEGO Replay school program.


Use LEGO bricks and/or other materials from home or school to build
creations and artwork that showcase circular economy and environmental
protection. Some ideas include: nature and wildlife habitats,
sustainable communities, pollution prevention, repair, reuse, or
recycling. Explore for design ideas.



Show off your school or classroom’s creations and how they portray a
circular economy by posting photos and videos on social media using the
hashtag #LEGOReplay. Submissions can also be shared without social media
by emailing [email protected]. Participating schools are asked to
share creations online in May 2022.

Donate (optional)

Finished with your bricks? Collect LEGO bricks at school and send
them to LEGO Replay where they will be donated for reuse. Following
registration, schools that are collecting bricks will receive details on
how to send them back, shipping materials and postage will be pre-paid
by the LEGO Replay program. Learn more about what happens to your
collect bricks here.


Incorporate circular economy curriculum into your lesson plans through circular economy resources.


All participating schools could win up to $1,000 to support environmental initiatives in their school community.

Prizes are awarded to schools/classrooms who creatively show their understanding of environmental protection and sustainability by sharing photos/videos of their creations. In addition, all participating schools will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 3 participation prizes. 
  • First place: $1,000
  • Second place: $750
  • Third place: $500
  • Participation prizes: $250 (x3)
Note: only one prize will be awarded per school.





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