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Accelerating the Circular Economy in York Region

Extending the useful life of the products we use every day can have a substantial positive effects on the environment and economic benefits. Share, reuse, and repair are simple but essential aspects of activating a circular economy that we can easily incorporate into our own lives. But where do we begin? No single resource hub provides residents, organizations, or schools with resources and information to collaboratively participate in community share, reuse, and repair initiatives.

With support from York Region’s Circular Economy Initiatives Fund, Circular Innovation Council will be developing the Share, Reuse, and Repair Hub. This online resource will allow York Region residents to easily access the resources that enable share, reuse, and repair, including:

  • Full listing of community organizations and businesses that provide solutions for extending the life of many of the items you enjoy using.
  • Everything you need to know to facilitate community events of your own.
  • Promoting upcoming community share, reuse, and repair events.
  • Wealth of knowledge about share, reuse, and repair, and the circular economy.

Launching Spring 2022

The Share, Reuse, and Repair Hub supports the sharing and repairing economy of everyday items such as textiles, electronics, household appliances, recreational equipment, and furniture; and help reduce carbon emissions and waste sent to landfill in York Region and beyond.

The hub will also provide tools and resources to empower York Region residents to take part in the circular economy. With an inventory of local and global organizations marked on a live mapping feature, you will be able to find whatever resources you need, whether it be an event, a secondhand store, or a drop-off donation centre.

All the tools you will need to organize your local swap and repair event or program will be available through the hub. In addition, you will be able to report the results of your event and see your impact. Measuring your impact on material diverted from landfills will be communicated far and wide, and showcase York Region community’s efforts to advance the circular economy.

Our long-term goals are to increase awareness in the community of the benefits of item exchange and repair and the circular economy. We will also strive to create growth in local businesses with an emphasis on unity within the community. Above all, we will seek to develop meaningful waste reduction through education, empowerment, and commitment in York Region.

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Circular Economy Initiatives Fund

York Region’s Circular Economy Initiatives Fund offers funding to non-profit, community-driven, innovative projects that will help reduce residential waste and advance a circular economy. The fund supports organizations whose projects result in a reduction of residential waste generated (based on weight) or an increase in reuse of residential waste, diverting it from landfill, as well as education and awareness projects that lead to behaviour change and/or increased knowledge of the value of waste. 



Jo-Anne St.Godard
Executive Director
Circular Innovation Council

Caitlin Perry
Program Manger
Circular Innovation Council



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